KAZÉ: Two new manga licenses announced

After we reported numerous new licenses for the upcoming Manga program from autumn and winter 2020/21 from KAZÉ at the beginning of April, the German publisher has announced further innovations today.

The publisher presented a total of two new manga series today. You will get an overview of all the details below.

Shitsuji-tachi no Chinmoku

As a butler, Kazumi has his hands full trying to please Tsubaki, the well-protected daughter of a noble family. She not only has a real aversion to carrots, but also to her butler, who wants to patronize them all the time. In fact, Kazumi feels similar because he thinks Tsubaki is distorted, bold and absolutely selfish.

Unfortunately, he relies on the job to reduce his debts. However, when he witnesses Tsubaki being robbed in his everyday garb and tousled hair, he immediately rushes to her aid. What he did not expect: The young lady immediately falls in love with her savior and wants to be his girlfriend. Kazumi is of course rather moderately enthusiastic about it. And so he creates his alter ego “Toshizo”, who does everything to get rid of Tsubaki. But the love Tsubaki is tough and can not be shaken off so easily. And soon Kazumi has to be careful that he doesn’t develop feelings for Tsubaki as »Toshizo«

Shitsuji-tachi no Chinmoku” by Hina Sakurada currently consists of eleven volumes. The German release will start in November 2020 every two months at a price of EUR 6.50 per volume. The series also appears as an e-book.

Otome Monster Caramelize

Kuroe is a 16-year-old girl with a slightly nuts mother, a dog and a big secret: every time she gets very emotional, part of her body turns into that of a monster! For this reason Kuroe avoids her fellow human beings and since she is not particularly popular anyway, it is even very easy to do.

One day Schönling Minami of all people sits down with her and starts chatting with her. Felsenfest, convinced that he is only having fun, rejects him. But Minami doesn’t give up and contrary to expectations, she actually finds him quite nice. Actually more than nice … too nice … and suddenly a Kaiju who looks like Godzilla is standing in the middle of the river!

“Monster crush” from Spica Aoki currently consists of four volumes and will be published from November 5, 2020 at a price of EUR 7.00 per volume. KAZÉ is planning four color pages for the manga as well as “monster cool” extras. The series also appears as an e-book.

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