»Demon Slayer« manga has a total circulation of 60 million

It was only at the end of January that we reported that over 40 million copies of the Koyoharu Gotouges manga “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” were in circulation. It has now been announced that the series for the release of the 20th volume on May 13, 2020 will have a total circulation of 60 million copies. The digital sales were also included.

Manga received an anime adaptation

Gotouge started the manga in February 2016 in the “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine. The Japanese publisher Shueisha has so far published 19 volumes. According to a leak, the series will end with the chapter that will be released on May 18, 2020. A German release takes place at Manga Cult.

An anime adaptation that ran at WAKANIM in the spring and summer season 2019 was created in the studio ufotable under the direction of Haruo Sotozaki. A sequel film is expected to start in Japan in October 2020.

Anime trailer:


Kamado Tanjirou is the oldest son in a family without a father. One day, when he goes to town selling charcoal, he spends the night there instead of going home in the evening based on rumors of an oni who is said to be floating around the area. When he comes home the next day, he realizes that there was apparently an Oni who had cruelly murdered almost his entire family and only barely survived his sister Nezuko. Will he be able to take revenge and save his sister?

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