“One Piece” mangaka comments on corona effects

“One Piece” mangaka Eiichiro Oda published a statement today on the current situation around the corona virus and how this affects his work on the manga. We have translated the author’s message for you in German below.

Eiichiro Oda’s message to the fans

»As for the manga, I still draw every day as usual, but since all of our work is done in the same way, we cannot avoid meeting other people. That is why we have reduced the team to a minimum, and I myself have to make sure that I protect myself as much as possible against potential infections. For this reason, progress on the original story and other projects has slowed to a frustrating extent. So I think there will be more interruptions from now on. But please be assured that we don’t take a break because I feel uncomfortable, but because we reorganize the work so that we can continue the manga and stay healthy!

The anime will also be interrupted for the time being, but preparations are underway behind the scenes so that the series can continue in the current situation.

To help you stay at home, the first 61 volumes of ONE PIECE are now available free of charge from Jump + (in Japan). A manga may not replace your basic life needs, but I would be happy if I could help you relax with the funny moments in history when you need some fresh air.

I sincerely hope that you are all doing well physically and mentally!

Manga series has been published since 1997

Eiichiro Oda started “One Piece” in July 1997 in the “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine. The Japanese publisher Shueisha has published 96 volumes so far. The manga is available in Germany from Carlsen-Verlag, which has so far published 93 volumes in German.

The anime adaptation of the manga has been broadcast on Japanese television since October 1999. The latest episodes of the TV series can be seen in the simulcast with German subtitles on Crunchyroll, Anime on Demand and WAKANIM. The anime is currently paused.

Cover from Volume 96:

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