“Fire Force” manga withdraws after the end of the row

In the 23rd volume of “Fire Force” author Atsushi Ōkubo announced that he would retire as a mangaka after the end of the series and would not start a new work. He also confirmed that “Fire Force” is now in the final phase.

Manga has 23 volumes so far

Atsushi Ōkubo, who is already known among others for »B-Ichi« and »Soul Eater«, has been publishing »Fire Force« since September 2015 in »Weekly Shōnen Magazine«. Kodansha has so far brought 23 volumes to the Japanese market. In Germany, the manga series is available from TOKYOPOP.

A 24-part anime implementation that ran at WAKANIM in the summer and autumn season 2019 was created under the direction of Yuki Yase in the David Production studio. The disc release will start at peppermint anime in June 2020. A second season will be broadcast from summer 2020.

Cover von Band 23:


Shinra Kusakabe is new to the eighth special fire brigade unit that is fighting a strange phenomenon in which people suddenly go up in flames and become flames. Shinra, who lost his family to a fire twelve years ago, is committed to becoming a hero to protect others. His very first assignment shows him what it means to do this job!

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