“Twittering Birds Never Fly” mangaka talks about ending

In the context of an article in the current issue of Da Vinci magazine, Mangaka Kou Yoneda announced that the Boys Love series “Twittering Birds Never Fly” (Japanese: “Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai”) in about two or three Volumes will end. A specific date and further details are still pending.

Manga soon available in German

Kou Yoneda has published “Twittering Birds Never Fly” since August 2011 in “her HertZ” magazine by Taiyo Tosho. The series currently comprises six volumes. Manga Cult will publish in German from August 2020.

The manga received an anime adaptation in the form of a movie in February 2020, which was directed by Kaori Makita (episode director for “Yuri !!! on Ice” and “Banana Fish”) at Studio GRIZZLY. Another film and an OVA are currently in the works.

Promo video for the anime:


Der masochistische Yakuza-Boss Yashiro ist nicht der Typ, der sich schnell auf andere einlässt. Aber als Chikara Doumeki, sein neuer Leibwächter, sein Interesse weckt, überdenkt er seine »Hände weg von Untergebenen«-Politik. Nachdem Yashiros Einladungen jedoch scheiterten, erfährt der Yakuza-Boss, dass sein Leibwächter einen sehr persönlichen Grund hat, weswegen er Abstand hält…

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