“Wise Man’s Grandchild” hits five million mark

The Japanese publisher Kadokawa recently announced that there are more than 5.1 million copies of the light novel “Wise Man’s Grandchild” (Japanese: “Kenja no Mago”) and the manga adaptation.

Novel received anime adaptation

Tsuyoshi Yoshioka started the light novel in January 2015 on the “Let’s Be Novelists” website. Kadokawa has published twelve volumes with illustrations by Seiji Kikuchi (“Mayo Chiki!”) Since July 2015.

The manga adaptation by Shunsuke Ogata started in March 2016 in the »Young Ace Up« magazine and currently comprises 13 volumes.

An anime adaptation, directed by Masafumi Tamura in the SILVER LINK studio, was broadcast on Japanese television in spring 2019. In this country, WAKANIM and Anime on Demand offer all episodes with German subtitles on demand.

OmU trailer for the anime:


A young man died in an accident, everyone is sure. But he was born again in another world as a baby, brought up by the hero »Sage« Merlin Wolford and is now called Shin. He was raised by Merlin as a grandson and learned a lot from him, but when he turns 15, his grandfather says: “I forgot to teach him common sense.” The unconventional fantasy life of an “abnormal” boy starts now!

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