rent-A-Girlfriend «receives spin-off to Izumi Sakurazawa

Kodansha recently announced that Rent-A-Girlfriend mangaka Reiji Miyajima will launch a spin-off manga called Kanojo, Hitomishirimasu on June 21. This appears in the Magapoke app and revolves around Sumi Sakurasawa and her daily struggles with communication obstacles.

Manga is published by Carlsen Verlag

Miyajima has published the romance comedy manga “Rent-A-Girlfriend” in “Weekly Shounen Magazine” since July 2017. The series now comprises 14 volumes, three of which have so far been published in German under the title »Rental Girlfriend« by Carlsen Manga.

A twelve-part anime adaptation is currently under the direction of Kazuomi Koga in the TMS Entertainment studio. The Japanese TV launch is scheduled for July 10, 2020. Crunchyroll shows the series with German subtitles in a simulcast.


Action of the main series:

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